Getting our curry on at Holi Cow

Team chickpea curry - me and Desray of Hitatchi Data Systems

The great Hitachi Data Systems team surprised us to a real treat this week: A curry 101 cooking class with the gorgeous Yudhika Sujanani at Holi Cow!

Holi Cow is an interesting place in Fourways, Johannesburg that is part deli, part coffee shop and part cooking school. It is beautiful to look at, with an authentic Indian feel.

The cooking class is fun and interactive, with Yudhika guiding you through every dish and entertaining you with her amusing anecdotes.

The dishes are quick and easy, using the range of spices that Yudhika has for sale at Holi Cow. I can’t cook at all, but under Indian supervision, I made a very tasty (and vegan) chickpea curry.

Other dishes that were made included Lamb Rogan Josh, Coriander Chicken, Prawn Masala and Aloo Mattar Gobi.

Yudhika also showed us how to make roti (and sweet roti – which is freaking delicious. My Indian friends need to confess why they’ve never told me about this!) and Yudhika’s addictive chocolate cake.

You get to take the recipes home, and can also purchase a copy of her cookbooks “Curry Me Home” and “Curry Me Home Again” – which Yudhika will very lovingly sign for you.

The good folks at Hitachi Data Systems are tons of fun, and have the kind of appetite that I really approve of. Thanks so much for a fantastic afternoon!

Here is a gallery of the fun that went down that day:

June 26, 2015

Author: Vicky Sidler

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