Conscious 108 – for vegan cake on your birthday!

Conscious 108 is the perfect place for vegans in Johannesburg to find an assortment of delicious dairy and egg free cakes and cupcakes, so that’s where I headed for my birthday lunch.

Who doesn’t want cake for their birthday, right? Two of the things I miss most since changing to a vegan diet have to be cake and ice cream, and Conscious 108 offers both! And that’s only one of the things I love about the place.

Vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcake at Conscious 108

Vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcake at Conscious 108

I didn’t just have cake and ice cream, though, since it’s quite a drive from Pretoria to not stay for lunch. With two friends, we took on the specials menu, starting off with black bean and sweet potato salad with toasted pecan nuts and cauliflower manchurian with a sticky sauce – both of which were fantastic! For the mains, we tried the Tuscan vegetable tarts with carrot chips and mushroom and green pea curry.

Then, onto the desserts, the star of the afternoon! We ended off with vegan cheesecake and a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, as well as a chocolate peanut butter cupcake for the birthday girl, which was too moreish for words! You can actually order cakes and cupcakes to take away (just place the order in advance), and they make the chocolate peanut butter one as a cake as well.

It’s fantastic. If your birthday is coming up, I highly recommend getting some vegan cupcakes or cake from Conscious 108. It tastes fantastic, just like regular cake, if not better!  You can see more details in the photos below.

Oh, btw, Conscious 108 serves fresh juices now, too. Yay! They also sell coffee drinks with your choice of soya milk (obviously) but also coconut or nut milk, which makes a nice change from the few places I know of that serve soya cappuccinos and lattes.

Check out this gallery for the foodie photos!

To contact Conscious 108:

Call +27116467250
Address: 108 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg

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