Carteirra wine blending at Kream restaurant

“Imagine savoring your very own wine. A wine you have tracked from bud break to cellaring. You have intimate knowledge of the vineyard, and enjoy a personal relationship with your winemaker.”

This is the offer that Carteirra in Walker Bay offers wine enthusiasts. And it’s tempting!

To give us a small taste of what they offer, Carteirra’s Peter Stuart offered us the opportunity to blend our own wines at Kream restaurant in Brooklyn. Using either Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon as a base, we got to blend 15% of either the other varietal or Cabernet Franc to form our own unique blend.

In South Africa, a single varietal wine (such as a Shiraz) can have a maximum amount of another wine added to it without needing to declare it as a blend. What was fascinating about our experimenting with Carteirra is discovering how much that 15% blend can transform the wine.

The event was unbelievably educational and so much fun. We got to enjoy our own blends with a specially paired meal and got to label and bottle our own blends – a fantastic souvenir from a lovely evening. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. I’m sure Peter hasn’t seen the last of me!

If you’d like to attend events like this and have a good wine time with us, why not join the Pretoria Wine Lover’s Club? It’s another thing I highly recommend.

Author: Vicky Sidler

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