Rademeyers at Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

For those of us living up in Gauteng that envy everyone in the Cape who get to lunch on the lawns of wine farms over the weekends while listening to local bands, there is an option! Rademeyers Plaaskombuis farm-style restaurant at Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve in Pretoria has all the makings of a lazy weekend afternoon that even a Capetonian might enjoy.

In fact, it clicks up a notch with the wildlife that comes to graze on the lawns while you enjoy a beer or glass of wine. Pictured here are zebras, but you might also see springbuck, impala, blesbuck, ostrich, guinea fowl and indigenous bird species. It’s a beautiful African bush setting with lots of indigenous fauna and flora. Plus you can meander along the paths through the nature reserve to work off your lunch!

I’ve been twice on Sundays and there was live music both times. Once, there was a set menu (where you could choose between 3 options for 3 courses) and once a buffet lunch. I’m not sure how they decide which Sundays will be buffet and which will be set. Maybe ask them when you phone for a reservation.

The food celebrates South African specialties, which is why they call it a plaaskombuis (farm kitchen), such as beetroot soup, boboti and malva pudding. The restaurant is in an old farm house, with creaky wooden floors and an amazing view. If you book a large table, you even get a room of the house to yourself.

The place is pretty kiddie friendly, with lots of space available for your little ones to run around. Rademeyers also has a kiddies’ jungle gym as well as a sand pit. You do need to keep an eye on your kids, though, because there are wild animals about, as you can see from the pictures, and they aren’t shy of humans.

Author: Vicky Sidler

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